Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world. Each religion’s monotheistic views center on love, peace, and mercy, but the similarities end when it comes to redemption through Jesus. So why is Islam directly opposed to Christianity on that issue? History shows that Christianity derived from Judaism which can be traced to Abraham through Isaac through preserved and distinct lineage and chronology. Jesus was Jewish with clearly defined lineage to the tribe of Judah, one of the twelve sons of Israel who is the grandson of Abraham. However, Islam does not have its origin in either. Perhaps that is the start of the controversy, although Muslims will argue that Islam stems from Ishmael, which then links its religion to Abraham. Since Ishmael also had Egyptian roots, Muhammad’s kin relationship cannot be shown here either, but for the sake of discussion, assuming it is true, where is Muhammad’s chronology in Jewish or Egyptian ancestry? (Genesis 25:9-34).  Even still, God’s blessing through Ishmael was limited to twelve princes, whereas Isaac’s blessing would produce the Messiah, Jesus, and one that would last forever.  (Genesis 17:15-20).  Egyptians were excellent record-keepers, and history shows that there were notably twelve princes from ancient Egypt as written in the Bible.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Heirs_to_the_Ancient_Egyptian_throne).  After Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah and had six more sons which had no bearing on the eternal blessing through Isaac’s lineage.

Muslims also argue that when Jesus said He had to leave so the Holy Spirit could come, that He was speaking of Muhammad. It is clear that the Holy Spirit is spirit, and made His presence known at Pentecost, hundreds of years before Muhammad, a flesh and blood man, was even born. This is a false teaching and it will be shown later why to equate any human being with the Holy Spirit is immensely dangerous and will have eternal consequences. Simply put, Jesus’ ministry was one that brought the good news of the kingdom, a kingdom not of this world, one that would have no end – one that promised eternal life for those who believed in Him. His was a message of hope through salvation and forgiveness of sins, even for Adam and Eve, and all those who died in their sin because Jesus descended into hell and delivered the good news to the peoples of the past. His role was to deliver all from the bondage of sin and death through the crucifixion and resurrection — He is the new Passover from eternal death to eternal life.

When Jesus’ mission was accomplished, it was now the role of the Holy Spirit to convict the world according to Jesus’ testimony concerning sin and righteousness and judgment, (John 16:8), and to be a helper and comforter to believers in times of trial and tribulation, and to reveal the truth beyond human reasoning. The Holy Spirit urges the believer to praise and glorify God. He makes His presence known through signature gifts such as healing and speaking in tongues and more, when necessary, for the glorification of God the Father. The Qur’an teaches that God is separate from creation. This is a false teaching because it is clear that the first book of the bible shows just how close God is to His creations. But to clearly understand how close God is to His creations, Jesus’ role and the role of the Holy Spirit, requires knowledge and understanding of the beginning of creation and the fall of man.

In the beginning in Genesis 1 we read about God’s creation, how He created man in His own image (Genesis 1:27); in His image He created them, male and female. Now Jesus says that God is Spirit (John 4:23-24) so the first male as well as first female must have also been spirit. At the end of Genesis 1 God looked upon all His creation and said it was not only good but very good, nothing bad is mentioned. The first creation, Genesis 1, can be referred to as “The creation In the Name of the Father (God the Father).” Now in Genesis 2 it is apparent that something happened to cause a renewal creation because it says, ‘these are the generations of the heavens and earth when they were created.’ (Genesis 2:4). Moreover, we see this creation as physical since man (Adam) is formed from the dust of the ground and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (spirit) and he became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). (This shows just how close God is to His creation). Unlike in Genesis 1 where all of creation was very good, suddenly in Genesis 2, Adam is given free will to choose to love and obey God on his own by making a choice between good and evil. God warns Adam that if he chooses evil, he (and all who would follow) will surely die. He would die spiritually, physically and eternally — understand there was nothing Adam could do on his own to reverse this and save himself.

Later in Genesis 2, God performs the first surgery and, for lack of a better term, transplant, complete with anesthetic effect, incision and closure since He causes a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, opens his flesh, takes out a rib, closes Adam’s incision, and then creates Eve with Adam’s rib (Genesis 2:21-23). So Eve’s creation is also physical. And she too understood God’s warning not to choose evil over good.

However, Eve, not heeding God’s warning, repudiates man’s authority on earth by allowing herself to be deceived by the devil and choosing to disobey God, and causing Adam to do the same, and thereby creating man’s separation from God through sin. After detailing their punishment, God promises one who would defeat evil, who would reconcile God with man, and who would be born of woman. This is the first prophesy of Jesus, the deliverer from the bondage of sin and death, who came into the world by way of the Holy Spirit and virgin birth because God caused all that He is to dwell in Him. (Isaiah 9:1-7). It is not surprising then that upon Jesus’ resurrection, the woman was the first to witness salvation because she was the first to be deceived and commit sin. Jesus’ then told the woman to tell the man that redemption had been accomplished just as Eve told Adam it was okay to sin. Salvation is the crux of Christianity and the recognition of the supremacy of Jesus Christ beyond the virgin birth.

His divinity though is far more than salvation. Jesus is the visible (physical) image of the invisible (spiritual) God and by Him and for Him was everything else created and made. (John 1:1-15, 1 Timothy 3:16, Colossians 1:13-17). God is so close to His creation that He chose to be born as man because only He, being perfect, could save man by showing him how to overcome the world by following His teachings and accepting His free gift of salvation, which is the only reversal of eternal condemnation. (John 8:51-58, Matthew 22:31-46).  This second creation (Genesis 2) can be referred to as “The creation in the name of the Son (God the Son).”

It is important to note here that Muslims do not believe in the blood of Christ. They have allowed themselves to be deceived like Eve by teaching just the opposite. They teach that someone who looked like Jesus’ twin was crucified and on judgment day you will be asked the question ‘do you believe Jesus is God’ and if you answer yes, you will be cast out. This is a false teaching. Islam puts this deception squarely on our salvation so as to cast doubt where there should be none.  In fact the only “prophet” that Jesus said would come after Him was the false prophet. (Matthew 24:11).  Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. Nowhere in the scriptures, old or new testaments, is there even an inkling of this. In fact, even today there are an abundance of historical, archaeological and geological findings of artifacts and ancient writings that support the already historically proven biblical evidence of Jesus’ miraculous birth, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection. It is no coincidence that the very calendar used today is based upon the life of Jesus. The countdown to judgment according to His testimony of the signs of the times, is being witnessed today and often referred to in the media as events of biblical proportion.  Whenever you here any media outlet referring to an event “of biblical proportion” they are speaking of Jesus’ prophesies in Luke 21:7-20 and Matthew 24:3-14.  One sign of the times that can be referred to as the “silent sign” is also coming to past — that sign is God revealing Himself through prophetic dreams, visions and divine interventions.  I am an eye witness to each of these and as such, it is incumbent upon me to disclose each one which I will do in future posts.  Be reminded that Jesus will return, Muslims agree, and He will have much to say in judgment of us. (John 8:26).

It is really perplexing that so many Muslims indiscriminately accept the word of one man, Muhammad, whose lineage cannot be definitively traced to Abraham, and who had a spiritual experience, no witnesses, with a being claiming to be the angel Gabriel who forced him to recite the doctrine. Perhaps this is why radical Muslims believe they can force Islam on people, a practice that is in direct opposition to the will of God’s free will. But because Islam is so opposed to Christianity, could this be the same being that deceived Eve? It is reasonable to conclude that the Transfiguration complete with witnesses, (Matthew 17:1-13), was symbolic for the culmination of the law (represented by Moses) and the prophets (represented by Elijah) being perfected in Jesus’ mission. Therefore, no other messenger bearing news other than what had already been presented and perfected in Jesus is necessary.

A personal experience with the Qur’an is one that opened my eyes to the real truth and had me on my knees praying to God to cleanse my mind when it was revealed to me what was happening, which I will mention later in this post. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. You can only be saved by the blood of Jesus and your belief in Him. No one gets to the Father except through Him. There is no other way. What would have happened if the Israelites did not cover their doors with the blood of the lamb as Moses instructed according to God’s command at the first Passover? What if something came along and told them that the death angel would pass over them anyway without the blood of the lamb? Would they readily believe it or trust in God? Needless to say, they did the right thing. And it was this very event that Jesus was celebrating as He relayed to the disciples instructions for the new spiritual Passover – a Passover that will lead to the new kingdom of eternal life guided by the real Holy Spirit.

Now to answer the question of why Jesus said He had to leave so the Holy Spirit could come is one in the making. Jesus’ mission was accomplished. So in short, the third and final creation had to begin. We are now transcending from the physical creation consisting of sin, death, grace, redemption and salvation to one of conviction, judgment and eternal life. The Holy Spirit who dwells within believers is active in convicting those to be reborn spiritually according to the testimony of Jesus, in order to be reunited with God spiritually and physically in the third and final creation – one born by the Holy Spirit, a perfect world such as in Genesis 1. The new creation will present an eternal creation that surpasses by far the prior creations because it will have no end. It will be filled with people who have new physical and spiritual bodies and who have chosen to love and obey God on their own free will, without force. It is very good, with insurmountable peace, love, joy and happiness; there will be no more evil, sin, wars, sickness, tears and death, because they will be cast out forever. Take note that all sins can be forgiven except one, and that is sin against the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit is bringing about an eternal creation, a new heaven, new earth, and new souls reborn of the spirit, anyone who speaks evil of Him, His work or casts any doubt on His actions and who He is has committed an eternal sin. That sin will not be forgiven. (Matthew 12:31-32), (Mark 3:28-30), (Luke 12:10). Therefore, the third and final creation can be referred to as “The creation In the Name of the Holy Spirit (God the Holy Spirit).” This is the real truth.

As Christians, we acknowledge God as one, by praying in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. God is one. Just because we have a physical body and a spiritual one does not mean we are two people but one. Because God is who He says He is, His omnipotence is far more than we can fathom. We lack the capacity to comprehend Him in any way other than how He has revealed Himself. You can take all the knowledge of the world since the beginning of time until now, combine it, and it is mere stupidity to Him. We cannot say what He will or won’t do, or How He chooses to reveal or manifest Himself. God is sovereign and worthy to be praised.

Christian and Muslim doctrine both acknowledge God as one. However, what concerns me about the Qur’an is the effect it has on a person after they have read it. My personal experience with the Qur’an came about at a time when I was in a heated discussion about the Qur’an. I was standing up for the Holy Bible and dismissing the Qur’an, when God stopped me. He spoke to me in spirit and said read the Qur’an so you can understand what you are talking about.

I was somewhat perplexed because I knew that what I was speaking was true. So I obeyed and purchased the Qur’an and began to read it. I first noticed that God refers to Himself as We. And almost instantly I realized that phrases were being repeated over and over, and then suddenly a statement is made about Jesus such as ‘Jesus was a good man.’ As I continued to read, I noticed that this doctrine is methodically and almost hypnotically minimizing the supremacy of Jesus with an underlying tone of resentment toward Him — truth be told. I was just about to start Surah 3 when this was revealed to me, so I put it down immediately, got on my knees, and began praying asking God to cleanse my mind because I knew better from personal experiences with Him. I was also reminded of what Jesus said about false prophets that would deceive the very elect if it were possible. (Matthew 24:24).  Because of His instruction, I now know what to say specifically to any Muslim that tries to minimize Jesus’ authority and say that a person can be saved by their own deeds and why this is a false teaching. I believe He allowed me to go there because He knew it wouldn’t get me, however, unless you are guarded by the Truth, if you make it through Surah 3, you have been had.

Finally, when  looking at God’s creations it can be seen that the first creation in the name of the Father was spiritual and perfect, and the second creation of the Son was a physical embodiment of the spiritual and gave man free will, forgiveness of sin and salvation, and the third creation of the Holy Spirit will return a perfect spiritual and physical creation to God through physical and spiritual cleansing that will last forever.  Whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other religion for that matter, or why Islam opposes Christianity these are all insignificant since Jesus’ testimony is about changing your mind and your heart and living your life according to His teachings.  There will perhaps be people chosen to eternal life from all of them, except non-repentant devil worshipers and possibly those who sin against the Holy Spirit. In fact The Book of Revelation begins with reasons why Jesus is displeased with all the Churches if one chooses to believe that the Church and religion are synonymous. However, Jesus made a distinction that the Church was from within. So in order to change His displeasure and secure eternal peace and happiness as believers, each  person has to tailor their thoughts and actions according to the teachings of Jesus who instructed His disciples to teach His gospel throughout the world so His children would be saved and thereby be reborn of the spirit.


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