I was twelve years old when I had the most amazing vision.  I had no idea at the time of the importance or signficance of what I was seeing.  So as I write this post, I pray that God give me courage and the words to describe it to the best of my ability.  I pray for courage because I decided over 20 years ago that I was going to write this vision down and publish it, despite a strong gut feeling that it was not the proper time.  Because I wanted to write it so bad and I would be using a computer that was mid-range but brand new, what could possibly go wrong?  So I began hastily writing and barely had a sentence written when the computer came to a complete halt and crashed, wiping out everything on the computer.  If you have ever had a hard drive crash in the midst of working, you know the feeling.   But needless to say, it took several painstaking hours to format and partition the drives then load and configure the software and peripherals.  I took that as a sign — I’m gonna wait.

I believe the time is now.  I can feel it.  So, open your heart and journey with me as I recount this vision and understand that God is sovereign.  There is nothing He can’t do.  No one can say what He will or won’t do, what He can and can’t do, or who He will or won’t use to accomplish a task.  God’s laws are for man not Him, and He can take something that was intended for bad, and make it good.  In fact, besides myself there are three other people who had a role in confirming what I already knew to be true.  These three are a priest and two nephews whom I will refer to as NephewA and NephewB.  Both are extremely intelligent and very knowledgeable about their respective faiths. NephewA is a Muslim through and through and Nephew B is a Christian with some caveats regarding tradition.  However, before getting into what their roles were, here is the vision of God and the events that led up to it.

I grew up in a large family, seven girls, and three boys.  My mother in her younger days was very strong, proud, and faith driven.  My dad also was very diligent who worked every day except Sunday from dawn to dusk running his construction business.  So basically it was my mother who ran the house and she was good at it.  Me, I was just a typical kid and when I wasn’t playing outside, I liked to read and listen to bible stories. I was about four years old when I first understood that Jesus was crucified, I became really sad and said “why did they kill Him? I wanted Him to be my friend — I bet He could make some good mud pies.”  I didn’t realize at the time that Jesus made spit-mud and gave sight to a blind man and when He was a child He formed birds from mud and told them to fly away and they did.  Then I understood the resurrection How God was ever present but you just couldn’t see Him. Little did I know He already had His sights on me.

When I was in the 6th grade and began to see the wickedness in the world, it made me doubt somewhat God’s existence.  You had parents celebrating Christmas, a day we recognize that the Truth was born into the world, by telling lies to their kids that Santa (by the way if you take the “n” and move it to the end, it spells Satan) was who you consulted for nice gifts.  This is a clear deception and playing with the minds of children on such a spiritual level is unconscionable.  Imagine how God felt when I was younger praying and asking Him to make santa claus get me what I wanted for Christmas after my parents threatened me with nothing for doing wrong.  Their good intentions were genuine but unnecessary.  I’m so glad I recognized Him as superior! What also caused me to doubt was the heinous brutal beating of a very young black girl who was pulled from the water days later – the horrible photos of her dead and swollen water-filled body plastered in the paper for days still resonates as unspeakable violence.  No parent could stand to see their child like that.  If God existed He would never let that happen.  Then there was Don — the white owner of a corner store who would always tell us we were eating too much candy before selling us three cent candy bars for a nickel.  One day I heard a lot of commotion and ran outside just in time to see paramedics moving Don on a stretcher to the ambulance.  I was horrified and screaming what happened.  I never will forget the look on Don’s face when he turned and looked at me and tried to smile.  I could tell he was scared.  But because he did that I thought everything would be ok.  Not so – Don died shortly after from gunshot wounds he suffered during a robbery.  This is all very sad and terrible.  Surely God would not allow this to happen.

However, sixth grade life for me went on but my prayers would now begin with “God if you exist.”  Now there was a bully in my class who I will refer to as Tommy.  He would always do very annoying things like snatch my hat off my head and run or snatch my pencil out of my hand when I was writing something and take his time about giving them back. I was fed up with him and began praying one night, “God if you exist, make Tommy leave me alone.”  It was very soon afterward that we were standing in line and Tommy comes into the classroom and was walking toward me.  I became so nervous that I dropped my books.  He bent down, picked them up and handed them to me with a smile and never bothered me again.  It’s a corny story but true.  But what happened next turned me from a skeptic to an absolute believer and bona fide eye witness to the truth.

It started out like a normal day.  Usually when we came home from school, the house would be beautifully cleaned and dinner would be ready and my mother would make sure we had our homework done before we could go outside to play.  But this day was different. When we got home from school, the house was a royal wreck, and my mom was still standing over the stove trying to cook dinner.  My first thought was she must not be feeling well.  And it didn’t take long for her to confirm that she was sick and that she was going to give each of us a set of chores and when they were completed, the whole house would be clean and we could go out to play.

So we had dinner and I very quickly did what I was told and was getting ready to go outside.  But when I walked through to the living room; the house was still a royal wreck and the only ones who were still inside were me and her and she was sick.  I got mad because my sisters and brothers left without doing much to help our mother when she was clearly sick.  I looked around the room and there was so much junk that I became overwhelmed on top of being mad.  Then I happened to look at a picture of Jesus that hung above the mantle and noticed the expression had changed to very angry and it scared me.  Then the eyes started following me.  So I said I know I’ll just ignore it because pictures always seem like they’re looking at you.  Then something started speaking to me in my thoughts saying, pick up all loose items and put them away.  When I finished it said now get a damp cloth and wipe the mantle and tables off and dry them.  I started with the mantle, removing each item and cleaning them and then cleaning the mantle, all the while I was still ignoring the picture but because it was so close, I could feel something looking at me.

Then it said remove the cushions from the couches and clean them off.  He then said pull the couches out from the wall and sweep and pick up the trash.  He continued now get the mop and mop the floors.  Then He said now stand back and look at what you’ve done.  I was completely worn out but I thought yeah it looks good.  I turned and started to go to my room to take a break and noticed my mom was still trying to wash some items in the bathroom sink, and He said “Now ask your mother if there is anything else she wants done.”  I thought what is this and why am I listening.  I was thinking no I won’t ask her that because she might say yes and I’m tired.  And I got mad all over again and glanced up at my mother as I proceeded to my room thinking “I wish I would.”  Now it was not like I decided at the last moment to ask my mother anything but suddenly and uncontrollably my mouth flew open and said “mom is there anything else you want me to do?”  She looked at me like she was shocked and she said “Oh no sweetheart, you did a great job.  Thank you so much for helping me.”  I half-smiled because I knew that wasn’t me that said that.  I started to my room while touching my mouth and thinking how did that happen?

Still puzzled, I got in my bed and reached for the covers and instantly my body froze – I couldn’t move!  There was a very strong pressuring sensation at the top of my head and it was like I became paralyzed.  I could also sense a very strong being standing behind me.  I tried to get out of it and could not.  I said every prayer I could think of many times over because I was scared, I didn’t know what was happening — I was stuck!  I remember thinking whatever this is it is STRONG!!!  After struggling for a few more minutes and I was becoming more scared by the moment, that same voice said why don’t you just say something, but I was scared that it might get me, and continued to struggle to try and get out of it.  Then the voice said if it wanted to get you it would have done so already.

Finally, I just gave in and mustard up the last bit of courage I had and said “ok, I know you are there, but I’m just a little person and I don’t have anything.”  After a few seconds He started speaking.  He said what amounted to ‘you are about to be transcended.’  I understood it and said ok.  Then He walked out from behind me and as He passed by my bed He said “Get up.” I got up to a sitting position but could see myself still lying on the bed and I said “WHOA.” Then I looked toward the person and my focus quickly shifted from me to who was in my room.  It was Jesus!  He looked like He had stepped right out of that picture and into my room! I got all the way up and started walking slowly toward Him and I said “It’s you! You’re actually in this room!”  He turned and smiled slightly, with a look on His face like, just wait till you see this.  He took a step, and I saw several beings at once come out of the first one in a single contiguous row in a thin realm of light.  My mouth dropped opened!  They were all facing me and they each looked different.

After a few seconds the one closet to the first turned toward the first one and slowly walked back into the first one.  As this was going on, the last one turned and took a step towards the first one but then turned and started walking towards me!  He had big bright eyes and His face was constantly changing from jet black to light gray and in between, showing expressions of every emotion at the same time!  I also saw what looked like lightning emitting from His beard.  I backed up and fell onto the dresser – I almost passed out!  He then turned away from me and walked back into the realm and was in perfect succession to the next to the last one as He was walking toward and into the first one.  I had followed behind the last one, a few feet away mind you, and I noticed that they looked identical from the back!  The first one was looking back when the last one walked into the first one, and there was a big jolt, like a seal.  I was stunned! Then Jesus walked over to my sister’s bed and sat down.  I said “you’re actually sitting on that bed!”  Then I walked up to Him and reached to touch His shoulder, and He leaned back so I couldn’t touch Him.  He had a ‘don’t do that’ look on His face.  So I just stood there.

Then He said “sit down” motioning for me to sit next to Him on the left side.  I sat down and was looking up at Him in total awe! His white robe looked like it was glowing.  And He looked at me as if what He had to say pained Him deeply.  He told me things that were going to happen that were horrific.  Still excited, I said “Oh that’s nothing — I know you and you can do anything.”  Those things don’t have to happen.  And He just looked at me.  I knew then that He was not going to change it.  Then He told me something specific concerning my mother and she would be ok, and said something to the effect that whatever was going to happen was still going to happen but I was right, it is nothing  and not to worry about it. I started  crying profusely and pleading with Him to not let those terrible things happen.  He got up and walked across the room.  Then I thought about a bible story that I heard about a man who grabbed hold of an angel and wouldn’t let him go until he got what he wanted. I looked at Jesus and He had a ‘don’t you try it’ look on His face so I just sat there crying.  He said go and lay back down.  I was crying so bad that it didn’t even matter to me that I was climbing back into my own body. He then waved His arm over me and I was instantly calm with just a couple of residual sniffles.

He stood over me, sort of  bending down, as I layed in the bed, unable to move again.  Then He said, I’m going to tell you these words and I want you to repeat them after me and whatever you do, don’t forget them.  I said ok.  He said the two words, and I repeated them after Him for several more times.  Then He said you are about to come out of this transcendental state and whatever you do, don’t forget them.  I said I won’t forget.  Then He said the words a few more times and I repeated them each time, and just like that I was back and able to move again.  And almost simultaneously I heard a big thump in the closet.  I jumped up standing on top of my bed with my back against the wall, and started screaming and calling my mother to come into the room.  She came rushing into the room and I told her that there was something in the room and it went in the closet.  She looked in the closet and said, “child, there’s nothing in here but a bunch of junk, but you can clean it tomorrow.”

After a sigh of relief, I settled back down and attempted to recall the two words.  I remembered the first word but was having trouble recalling the second one.  While I was trying to recall the second word I forgot the first one.  I panicked and tried to remember and it just got worse.  I cannot believe after all of that, I forgot the words!  After struggling all night until I fell asleep, the next day the thought of forgetting the words sent me into a deep depression.  I told my mother what had occurred the night before and that I forgot the words.  She said “it sounds like you had some kind of religious experience — don’t be so hard on yourself.  God will allow you to recall it when it’s the right time.”  That gave me some solace, and my goodness was she ever right.  It would be five years later involving a chance encounter with a Catholic priest and another divine encounter in between; both instances will be detailed in future posts.

For now, fast forward forty years and what happened with Nephews A and B.  While washing dishes one night, the phone rang.  I dried my hands and ran to the phone quickly, not planning to talk very long.  It was NephewA, and we began talking about religion.  I just sat down where I was at which was not my usual seat not looking at anything in particular.  In fact I was oddly facing the wall, about five feet away.  I was telling him that there were things that happened to me that let me know for a fact that God is real.  And I began telling him about this vision and how it started with the picture.  He asked me what the picture looked like, and I started to think back to when I was twelve, trying to remember what the picture looked like.  It seemed that I could see a negative of the picture in my head and literally tried to describe it from that but to no avail.  So I just told him it was just a regular picture.  As I continued to tell him the story, all of a sudden the picture started coming into view right in front of my face!  It seemed like the Jesus picture was smiling hard from across the room! I can’t believe this is actually happening right now!  I was looking right at the picture and didn’t know it!  I quickly assessed what events led up to that moment and how I came to be looking right at the picture (it was in the background of another picture)  and determined it was an impossibility — only God can do the impossible.  This went way beyond coincidence.  I was stunned but I knew there was some kind of reason for it.  At that point the only thing I could do was scream and after pulling myself together, I was able to tell NephewA what the picture looked like.  The next day I told various family members what happened, and after careful thought I told them that this was meant for NephewA because God knows I already knew.

A couple of days later, NephewA comes over and wants to see the picture.  I point it out to him and he gets real close, and suddenly jumps back!  He jumped so hard it startled me.  I said “What’s wrong?” And he said “nothing.” I pressured him a few more times but he wouldn’t tell me.  So a few years after that NephewB comes over and I tell him about NewphewA’s reaction to the picture, not telling NewphewB the details of the vision.  I believe I may have told him about the vision at some point in time, but I’m not sure he remembered it.  Anyway, NephewB says let me see the picture and when he looks at it he immediately notices something that sent chills over my body. He said it looks like there’s someone else in the picture, he continues and there’s another one up here. NephewB attempted to describe what he saw by even making a sketch, but I still couldn’t see it.  After he left I found a magnifying glass and was able to see what looked like another person in the picture.  It wasn’t until I took a snapshot of the picture and loaded it on my computer that I saw even more.   Now I cannot say definitively that what NephewB saw was the same thing that NephewA saw, but I loaded the picture to this post and pointed out what I saw.


Now if it were not for NephewA’s reaction to the picture, I would never have looked more closely at it to see this amazing revelation.  And as a footnote, another nephew who I will refer to as NephewC is also a muslim and he pretty much described the last one in my vision without me telling him the details.  He described the hair of the one in this picture almost to a “t” without seeing it.  He too, like the other nephews is extremely intelligent.  I think this was meant for him as well.  In John 10:16 Jesus says “And other sheep I have, which are not of this pen: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one pen, and one shepherd.”  Because my nephews are so passionate and smart, I can’t help but think they may have a role in this.

Finally, I prayed at the beginning of this post that God would give me the words to accurately describe what I saw.  I made it through the post and my computer didn’t crash.  I made some typos along the way but just hit the enter key throughout, but just as I was about to delete the errors I looked at them and, I just went hmmm.  Here’s what it is:  (hwhwh.  Wonder). Does anything sound familiar to you?  I will just say hmmm, and leave it in.  God is Real, and there is no doubt about it.  For non-believers no amount of evidence can be given.  For believers, it is a matter of faith and the evidence is simply appreciated.


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